Duncan Road Church
Saturday, February 28, 2015
Helping more and more people be more and more like Jesus

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Our Passion
     Our passion at Duncan Road Church is to become more and more like Jesus through the transforming work of the Spirit of God by submitting ourselves to the Word of God found in the Bible. Duncan Road Church is a church in Blue Springs, MO, and we hope to help you learn more about the God who created you, loves you completely, and desires that you put your faith in Jesus Christ, His Son. Come and grow in your knowledge of God through expositional (verse by verse) preaching and Bible-teaching, and Spirit-led worship. 
Who We Are
Duncan Road is a church, a group of people who gather together regularly in order to devote themselves to the Bible, prayer, and worship of the great trinitarian God of the universe. The Road is located at 430 NE Duncan Road in Blue Springs Missouri. We believe that God created the universe and upholds it by the Word of his power (the "Word" is a person, Jesus). We believe that God is sovereign over all things and that we can rest in his sovereignty in all areas of our lives. We know that in this world there will be trouble, but we trust in the God who reigns over that trouble with infinite wisdom. 

What's Going On Right Now
On August 31st 2014, Pastor Larry began preaching through the book of Genesis. He has titled this series, "Genesis - Beginnings that Disclose Becomings" Throughout this series we will marvel at our great God who created and sustains all things. During the month of November and again in the month of February, Pastor Larry's series in Genesis will be put on hold while Pastor Charles brings messages from the book of Mark. These two preaching series will, we believe, interlace with one another to feed our souls from the hand of God.